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Part nr: 644416032 (Replacement part)

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356 front sway bar 17.5 mm Fits all 356 models. Cold formed from chrome moly steel and hardened to 48 Rockwell just like the original bar, and then powder coated in satin black. Correct with tapered ends, and correct (but larger) clamps, for an authentic appearance. Complete with 20% harder rubber bushings for a positive feel without the problems associated with poly bushings (upper drop link bushings are two piece with a stainless sleeve to ease installation). Designed to improve street handling performance, and high speed stability, without compromising ride quality and originality. The increase in stiffness is 85% for the 356A/B (originally equipped with a 15mm bar) and 42% for the 356C (originally equipped with a 16mm bar). Most aftermarket swaybars are not hardened. This reduces the cost but makes it necessary to use a larger bar to achieve the same rate. The W/R 17.5mm Sport Swaybar is hardened to 48 Rockwell just like the oem bar. The first 356s had no front swaybar. In order to reduce the oversteering characteristics of the car, Porsche began using a front swaybar in late 1955. This bar was 15mm in diameter, and continued until late 1963. With the 356C the bar was increased to 16mm. To further reduce oversteer (and wandering), especially at high speeds, we experimented with bars up to 19mm. We found the 17.5mm bar to be the perfect size. It reduces oversteer to a minimum, flattens the car in cornering, but doesn't dramatically change the characteristics of the 356. This bar is a must for all 356s, especially with wider wheels and tires!
Also known as:
  • PW416032
  • 644-416-032
  • 644.416.032
  • 644 416 032