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Parts-Wise recommends SWEPCO® lubricants
Parts-Wise's philosophy is to provide Porsche drivers high quality products at competitive prices. In this context we went looking for the best lubricants, for complete maintenance of your car by one-stop shopping, both for your classic Porsche 356, but also include the Porsche 911, 924, 928, 944, 968, 996, 997 and Boxter.
SWEPCO is a private manufacturer of high quality lubricants, active in her discipline since 1933, and the first and only lubricant producer in the world how may call themselves "Energy Star Partner.
By the performance of the products they deliver products to various oil companies, international companies such as AP Moeller/Maersk, Akzo Nobel, Arcelor Mittal, Cargill, DSM, Goodyear, Volvo Trucks and of course to the Small & Medium Business in over 90 countries, on every continent. Among these there are several Porsche specialists who satisfactorily use grease, engine oil and ATF.
Already known to you might be the widely used gear oil amongst Porsche drivers, since regular shifting problems arise because of wear on the synchro.
The benefits previously mentioned relations with SWEPCO lubricants experience include:
- Less grease consumption;
- Decrease in energy consumption;
- Consolidation of lubricants, easier stock control;
- Lower operating temperatures;
- Reduced wear of parts;
- No adverse effects that are applicable with (semi-) synthetic lubricants;
- Suitable for both classical and modern Porsches.

All in all these items reduce your total costs of maintenance, capital investments, such as costly revisions and failure at worst.
In support of these few examples on our website, you can read several case studies where under different circumstances the value of several lubricants have put on paper by relations of SWEPCO.

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E.J.D. Klassiekers B.V. is a trading company and wholesaler in classical passenger cars. They have a.o. several Porsches, such as 356, 911 and 944. the owner, Mr Ton Vos is racing more than 20 years already, at present he drives very successfully in the Porsche 944-Basic Cup, in The Netherlands and Belgium.

Ton Vos wanted to see if there is a difference in horse power with the expensive Castrol 10W-60 Edge, often used by Dutch racing teams. Also he wanted to know the difference in oil temperature of above mentioned product with SWEPCO Supreme Formula Engine oil 15W-40. During his races, while using Kroon Oil, Castrol and Mobil he had to turn on the heating system, to make sure that the high oil temperature not would cause a problem during the races. Especially during the summer this was absolutely not desired, but a necessity. Also the grease to lubricate the drive shafts was causing problems and shifting could be a bit better, a known problem with various Porsche models.

February 2008 they went with several Porsches to a race specialist, where the cars were put on a roller bench. By this the external conditions would be identical during all tests.

  • SWEPCO 306 brings as much horse power as the tested Castrol 10W-60 Edge, a full synthetic engine oil, especially developed for racing cars;
  • The oil temperature of SWEPCO 306 15W-40 is more than 10°C lower, by which the heating system doesn’t have to be turned on that soon or at all to cool the engine;
  • Because of the lower temperature and better lubrication parts doesn’t wear out that much and oil drains can be reduced;
  • The price per litre of SWEPCO 306 is a lot lower compared to Castrol;
  • Not a single drive shaft broke down since using SWEPCO 101 Moly Grease;
  • Changing gears goes a lot smoother, which saves valuable time during the races.
  • All racing cars, service bus and private cars are lubricated with SWEPCO 101, 201, 210, 306 en 714.

"As horse power and endurance are very important in car racing I wanted to be convinced what is the difference with previous used products. During the 2007 racing season I have used SWEPCO lubricants, starting with a victory at the first racing weekend after draining the oils. Also the drive shafts stayed in one piece for the entire season and shifting goes a lot easier. SWEPCO proved clearly that their products are a big asset on the circuit." – Mr. Ton Vos, General Manager-Pilot.

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