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We use cookies on our website. A cookie is a small, simple file that is sent with pages from this website (and/or Flash applications) to remember and store your preferences on your computer.

What do cookies do?

Cookies have various functions. They help you with surfing by remembering your login details, the contents of shopping carts, preferences such as language settings, etc. Many websites use cookies to keep track of how many visitors access the website, where they come from, and how they use the website. This with the aim to make the website even better for its visitors.

What happens if you do not accept and/or delete cookies?

Many companies can offer applications for free or at a low cost thanks to online advertising. Cookies help to tailor advertising to the preferences of the visitor. This prevents irritation.

If you do not accept and/or delete cookies, you will continue to see advertisements, but these will no longer be tailored to your preferences. This can lead to irritation or strange-looking combinations of advertising next to texts and images.

We measure your use of our website anonymously to make our website even better and easier than it already is. Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites need to know who you are to be able to work quickly and efficiently.

Can you delete cookies?

You can delete cookies yourself, since they are stored on your computer. Please consult the manual of the browser that you use.

Cookies are never used to extract private data from your computer or to intercept passwords. They cannot infect a computer with a virus. They are therefore completely safe and have been used without incidents on almost all websites in the world since the 1990s.

Four types of cookies

Necessary cookies with a purely technical functionality. These ensure that the website works properly.

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We maintain a strict privacy policy at all times. Contact information that you leave with us to contact you is NEVER passed on to third parties. See our privacy statement for more information.

According to the law, we are allowed to store cookies directly on your device if they are strictly necessary for the use of the site. We need your permission for all other types of cookies.

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Amendments to cookie statement

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