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924 webshop

Electrical equipment

All 924 Non-Turbo (76-85) High torque starter motor, weight saving (3.8 Kg) with 1 Kw power and 9 teeth. Made by Powerlite as a direct replacement for the original starter motor. (Rotates clockwise)
924 (80-85), 924 Turbo/GT (76-80) Ignition coil NGK, for cars with electronic ignition. Also possible for 924 (76-79) when it has been converted from breaker point ignition to electronic ignition.
924 (76-85) Thermodur bushing for alternator mounting. These replace the rubber bushings and steel inner sleeves and have the same isolating characteristics but they don't wear out causing a slipping belt. (not for RHD and turbo models)