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Part nr: pw73150100 (Replacement part)

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Reflectors (set) K1315 356 1952 up to 1959 (356 Pre-A and A) The reflectors have been missing for 30 years and most A cars have the later ULO installed. Old original glass reflectors sell on ebay for US$ 500.00 and more per piece !! The shape and looks of our reproduction is perfect. The material used is called +artificial glass+ it looks, feels, weighs and performs just like the old glass. This material was developed too comply with new environment laws and for safety reasons for other applications. The brushed housing and the chrome ring is excellent. We choose the small K1315 lettering, originally there were 2 versions of small and larger lettering.
Also known as:
  • PW-731-501-00
  • PW.731.501.00
  • PW 731 501 00
  • PW73150100