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00004450003FSD ( Replacement part )

All 964 (91-93) KONI Special Active shock absorber set.
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All 964 (91-93) KONI Special Active shock absorber set.
  • 000-044-500-03 FSD
  • 000.044.500.03 FSD
  • 000 044 500 03 FSD
  • 00004450003 FSD
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The revolutionary KONI shock absorber which no longer exists compromise between comfort and sport. The damper adjusts instantly and without electronics driving conditions. Raving is reacted in the press where they wondered why this was not invented much earlier. The FSD kit consists of a complete set of 4 dampers for a car. FSD is ideal for cars equipped with large size wheels with low profile tires.

The first no-compromise shock absorber in the world

In other words, one complete rotation in the field of road-holding. Until recently there was only the option between or stiff or comfortable shock absorbers. Cars with stiff shock absorbers had better handling but solidly in the field of comfort. Cars fitted with comfortable shock absorbers again had their disadvantages in the field of handling. KONI has realized through "Frequency Selective Damping" FSD these two properties stiff and comfortable in a silencer to combine. A revolutionary technique whereby the benefits of both types of shock absorbers are now combined in one.

Automatically adjusts to driving conditions

As progressive as FSD is so simple operation. As with many good inventions do. FSD is a smart shock absorber that automatically adapts to the driving conditions without the use of complex electronics. The FSD technology is based purely on hydraulics and therefore also extremely reliable. To put it simply adjusts the FSD damping on the basis of the speed with which the damper moves up and down. It reacts even faster than electronic systems. Look for more information on any http://www.koni-fsd.com/

Comfortable shocks can result in:

1. Inaccurance in the sense control

2. Heavy motion sickness

3. The car drops under heavy load far

4. Abundant body movements during sudden maneuvers

5. Less stability

Stiff dampers can result in:

• Very hard damping

• Uncomfortable ride

• Less grip on bumpy roads

• In combination with low profile tires have less comfort
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