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Assist Parts-Wise in perfecting the system!

Parts-Wise has put in all efforts to make its database and system as good as possible.
However, since we aim for perfection, certain data is not as good as we want it to be.

This is due to:

- the information is old and not all facts have been recorded (well) 
- the manufacturer sometimes used old parts in newer models for economic reasons
- the illustrations are used for more than one model
- partnumbers have been changed
- many original new parts are no longer available

Parts-Wise is a worldwide platform and we know that many of our customers are true Porsche enthusiasts and there is more specific knowledge among you all than for instance at Porsche dealerships. Therefore we want to invite you to help us perfect the system.

Be advised that when you report from an illustration, the system also sends a link to that illustration along with your message.

Thank you for your efforts and let us all enjoy the benefits of a great system!