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tool and instruments set

911 (65-89) Raised straightening bench mounting points set. Set of 16 special higher build mounting points for welding / straightening work (not to be used with pulling or pressing tools for accident repair) Fits Celette bench and similar with 100mm x100mm bolt pattern.
Special for your Porsche we now have the California Car Duster with wooden handle. The California Car Duster is well known tool in all showrooms, so keep your polished car in perfect condition. There is no need to wash the California Car Duster, the more you use it, the better he picks up dust and dirt. Don't let your car be covered in dust, but give it the shine it deserves!
This indoor car cover is slightly elastic and supple. Together with the satiny sheen of the fabric it makes a great aesthetic effect. The soft interior protects the paint on your car. The cover is anti-static (ie dust repellent) and provides the ideal protection against dust and smog. A carrying case is included in the same color, so the cover can easily carry or store. For all Porsches - state model when ordering. in the colors red, blue, black, light grey and dark grey